• Christian Worship Hour

    Dr. Harold E. Salem

    Airs Sunday at 10:30 AM

  • The Coming Apocalypse

    Pastor Paul Begley

    Airs Sunday at 9:00 PM

    Understanding today’s world events from a biblical perspective with Pastor Paul Begley

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  • Enjoying Everyday Life

    Joyce Meyer

    Airs on Monday-Friday at 6:30 AM and 11:00 AM.

    Start your day and spend your evenings with the teachings of Joyce Meyer on KWHE TV-14.

    Through the teachings and calling God has given to Joyce, Joyce Meyer Ministries is dedicated to sharing God's love and the life-changing message of the Bible with the world through TV, radio, various media productions, live conferences and their website.

  • Lester Sumrall Teaching

    Dr. Lester Sumrall

    Airs on Mon-Fri at 8:00 AM

    For 22 years, Dr. Sumrall covered a wide range of topics with the helpful insight to life’s difficult questions through Scripture. This invaluable teaching series continues to be relevant for every generation.

  • Life Today

    James & Betty Robison

    Airs on Mon-Fri at 7:00 AM and 11:30 AM

    Life Today is an innovative Christian television broadcast that is sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people all over the United States, Canada and Australia.

  • The Catholic Mass

    Fr. Cedric Pisegna, C.P.

    Live with Passion

    Airs Sunday at 7:30 AM

    Fr. Cedric Ministries is a Roman Catholic ministry dedicated to reach out to as many people as possible, in as deep a way as possible, with the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.  While this ministry is Catholic in origin and belief, it is designed to reach out to people of all faiths as well as those who have not yet come to faith in Jesus.

  • In Search of the Lord's Way

    Speaker: Phil Sanders

    Airs Sunday at 8:30 AM

    "In Search of the Lord's Way" is a weekly national television program. Phil Sanders and Mack Lyon present Bible-based messages with issues that concern our world today. Search’s ministry remains dedicated to its five-fold purpose since 1980.

  • In Touch Ministries

    Dr. Charles Stanley

    Airs Sunday at 9:00 -10:00 AM

    “At In Touch Ministries, our mission is to lead people worldwide into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and to strengthen the local church.” – Dr. Charles Stanley

    To learn more about In Touch's Spanish programming visit encontacto.org.

  • Voice of Evangelism: Manna-Fest

    Perry Stone

    Airs Sunday at 10:00 AM and 9:30 PM

    Manna-Fest with Perry Stone teaches the Body of Christ our Hebraic roots and exposes people to the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

  • Life on Purpose

    with Dr. Mark Lantz

    Airs Sunday at 7:30 PM

    Pastor Mark and Crystal have served in ministry for 27 years and have served as Lead Pastor of Christian Center for the past 10 years. Pastor Mark has earned a Master’s Degree in Ministry as well as a Doctorate of Ministry from Indiana Christian University. Crystal holds a Masters Degree in Ministry from Indiana Christian University as well. Pastor Mark is the author of the book How To Elevate Your Life and has a television program entitled “Life On Purpose” on the Family Broadcasting Corporation Television Network.

    He speaks at ministry leadership conferences and enjoys inspiring others to reach their full potential in Christ.

  • Through The Bible with Les Feldick

    Through The Bible with Les Feldick

    Airs Weekdays at 8:30 AM

    What Les really likes is teaching the Bible. He has been teaching home-style Bible classes for over 40 years. His teaching is non-denominational, and his students come from diverse denominations and backgrounds. It was through one of these classes that a student helped open the door for his "Through the Bible" television program.

    Les recorded 984 Bible teaching television programs from 1990 to 2009, which are transcribed into 82 books. For more on how Les and Iris are doing, please visit lesfeldick.org